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Which Cities are the Most Buyer Friendly?

Let's face it, the mortgage industry has become so competitive that folks are willing to jump states if they have to to afford a home. As mortgage professionals, you may want to know which cities are going to be the most buyer friendly. That way, you can take advantage of all of the possible business those cities hold.

A recent National Mortgage News piece reported on the 10 cities where housing is still a buyer's market.

"With reduced inventory and appreciating home prices an issue in much of the country, real estate market conditions are challenging," Phil Karp, senior manager of brokerage services at, said in a press release, according to National Mortgage News.

"Many markets have become overheated, but there are still markets where smart buyers can find more affordable homes."

So what exactly are the cities that are the most buyer friendly at the moment? Well, the list kicks off with Houston (The Woodlands and Sugar Land) areas of Texas. It continues with Birmingham, San Antonio, Miami and the West Palm/Fort Lauderdale regions of Florida, The New York-Newark/Jersey City area, West and East Hartford, Connecticut, Jacksonville, Philadelphia, Virginia Beach and Chicago.

To check out the slideshow and compare the sale and listing differences, click on the image above.

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