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Housing Markets First Time Home Buyers Should be Aware of

Times have gotten much more difficult for first time home buyers, however there is hope. A recent National Mortgage News report shared 11 housing markets with plenty of inventory for first time home buyers.

Areas with a shortage of inventory have caused issues for home buyers for two reasons. For one, it is hard to find a home. In addition the low inventory causes prices to jump way above what a first time home buyer may be willing to pay for it.

The housing markets with inventory to go around include, Akron, Toledo, New Orleans, Pittsburgh, Little Rock, Birmingham, Newark, Camden, Detroit, Philadelphia and Memphis, according to the National Mortgage News slide.

Unfortunately not all first time home buyers can pick up and move to one of these 11 housing markets, however, if there are some who happen to live close, it would be worth taking a look. The aforementioned cities happen to have a strong inventory featuring starter homes that are great for first time buyers.

To learn more about these housing markets and why they are suitable for first time home buyers, click on the image above.

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