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Freddie Mac Launches Quick Takes to Clarify Investor Reporting Change

In addition to the updated Investor Reporting Change Initiative software, Freddie Mac has introduced the Quick Takes. Quick Takes is an all new guide to help professionals navigate the IRCI.

The IRCI was designed to usher the industry into a standard reporting cycle, according to Freddie Mac. So naturally in order to streamline the process, they introduced the guide as a supplemental tool.

"Today (December 7), we launched Quick Takes, a new resource with easy-to-digest tips about the initiative, plus answers to common questions you may have between now and when the initiative is implemented in May 2019," according to Freddie Mac.

The company also provided a direct link to subscribe to Quick Takes to get informed about the IRCI. For more information on Quick Takes and to get started, click on the image above.

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