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Thursday Motivation: Coping with Disappointment

For originators and mortgage professionals, things don't always go as they are planned. There are times when you may feel a little discouraged or knocked down.

This week, we thought we would try to feature some great advice from a recent Harvey Mackey column to help you cope with disappointment and stay positive in tough times.

In Mackey's column his immediate advice was to avoid repressing your feelings and getting angry. In addition, Mackey also advises his readers against feeling sorry for themselves.

"We can become much better leaders and professionals if we can get past our internal language and live in the present moment," explains Kevin Eikenberry, a leadership consultant featured in Mackey's column.

"The present offers us opportunities to learn, opportunities to teach, opportunities to reinforce positive behaviors in others, opportunities to see our world in new ways, and opportunities to enjoy our day more fully."

Perhaps one of the most interesting pieces of advice from Eikenberry's quote is treating the negative situation as a learning experience.

Mortgage professionals and loan originators are always looking for ways to improve their business or increase originations. At times, disappointing situations can be the perfect way to learn valuable lessons that can help you in future transactions.

Don't let disappointment drag you down, instead, use it as a way to see how you can improve or handle the situation the next time around.

To read more about coping with disappointment, click on the image above to access the Harvey Mackey column.

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