Lender Tool Highlight: SPRUCE E-Closing

We're always looking at new technology that could be beneficial to lenders, originators and brokers. Today we stumbled upon a company called SPRUCE, which specializes in E-Closing software for lenders.

"We increase borrower delight through our proprietary hybrid & e-closing platform," according to the SPRUCE homepage.

"Designed to enhance closings without changing your workflow, it's a premium experience without the need to integrate costly software vendors."

The system is only licensed through 35 states so it will not be the best tool for every lender nationwide. They are working with underwriters from WFG National Title and North American Title Insurance company.

In terms of fees, the company states that they only charge for title premiums in direct accordance to state rules. There is also a closing fee attached that the website says is general around $495.

To learn more about the SPRUCE experience, check out the homepage and learn about additionally features and more. If you already use this E-Closing tool, let us know what the experience is like.

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