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MGIC Already Looks to 2018 Webinars

MGIC's website features a great deal of training resources for loan originators and mortgage professionals.

After taking a look at its latest list of resources, we noticed that the company already featured a strong list of webinars for the beginning of 2018. The initial date for some of the featured webinars looks to be January 4.

The January 4 schedule includes webinars such as, "The Fundamentals of the Mortgage Process Session 1," which focuses on Understanding the Mortgage Cycle and How Mortgage Insurance Works, according to MGIC.

There will also be another webinar titled "Evaluating Borrower Assets," which will also be available on January 4.

Though there aren't any dates listed further than the month of January, we are willing to bet that the calendar will be updated once we kick in to the new year.

Click on the image above to check out some of the webinars that will be offered in January.

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