Fannie Mae has Launched its eMortgage Calculator

Fannie Mae released its most recent Selling News update for mortgage professionals and there is a new tool that could enhance the borrower experience for your clients.

"The eMortgage Calculator enables you to customize and test scenarios to help assess whether an electronic mortgage process would be beneficial for your business," according to the Fannie Mae Selling News report.

"Use the calculator to make informed decisions, assess operational and warehouse funding expenses, and more that could save you time and money and help you provide a better borrower experience."

In addition to the new eMortgage Calculator, the company has also given its eClosings and eMortgages page a facelift. On those pages you can learn more about the new calculator and see if it's the right tool for your business.

To check out the eMortgage Calculator, click on the image above. To visit the eClosings and eMortgages page click here.

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