Freddie Mac Introduces A New and Improved Servicer Performance Profile

Freddie Mac is adding another new update to its mix with a "new and improved" Servicer Performance Profile. The improvements include a Servicer Success Scorecard and Manager Series Reports, all under one application.

"Your new profile was redesigned with you in mind. It harnesses the power of data and analytics, so you can put all your chips on the table and play your cards right," according to a recent Freddie Mac Single-Family Update.

The new service is already in affect and allows you to view performance data, choose a portfolio to track toppling metrics and also helps professionals get and stay organized.

"Going all-in means you have all the tools and data you need to stay on top of your game," according to Freddie Mac.

"We’re making it easier for you to focus on the key performance areas that interest you – from default management to portfolio reconciliation."

To learn more about the new Servicer Performance Profile and find tips on how to properly use the application, click on the image above.

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