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Here's How the Industry is Continuing to Help Disaster Stricken Areas

Homeowners in the United States have been having it rough, especially in disaster stricken areas. The industry has been quite understanding and companies are beginning to release more updates on how they plan to move forward to help these victims.

Some of those updates involve getting originators and agents the proper tools they need to assist families in these areas. According to Rob Chrisman's roundup, the FHA has released a pre-record webinar on how to assist the recovery in areas hit by wildfires, hurricanes or any other major disaster. The webinar is titled, "Originating FHA-Insured Forward Mortgages in Major Disaster Areas."

"Freddie Mac confirmed that its disaster relief options will be available to homeowners in Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands who have been impacted by Hurricane Maria," according to Chrisman.

"In general, Freddie Mac’s disaster relief options are available to borrowers with homes or places of employment in presidentially-declared major disaster areas where federal individual assistance programs have been made available."

Meanwhile, Pacific Union Financial, Mortgage Solutions, Royal Pacific Funding and AmeriHome Mortgage have all made their disaster guidelines and policies available for victims.

For more on the disaster efforts for areas hit by hurricanes and wildfires, click on the image above. To access the the "Originating FHA-Insured Forward Mortgages in Major Disaster Areas" webinar click here.

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