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California Wildfires Cause Massive Housing Shortages

Homeowners who lost their homes from wildfires are facing another challenge in California. According to recent reports, the San Francisco Bay Area's housing shortage is making it very difficult for victims to find a place to live.

"Shelly Lanning, her husband and two children are staying with her mother in Ukiah, Calif., an hour from where her home burned down the morning of Oct. 9. She's not sure where she's going to live next," according to National Mortgage News.

"We've been looking everywhere," Lanning said. "If there's anything available, they're gone in seconds."

Experts have attributed this difficult housing shortage to the Bay Area's accelerated job growth combined with a sluggish construction period. The shortage is not the only thing making it hard on families to find homes. According to the report prices for rentals and homes are reach record numbers.

The market in areas damaged by the wildfires is in serious trouble and plenty are wondering where to go from here.

To learn more about the terrible circumstances former homeowners are facing after the wildfire, click on the image above.

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