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New Lender Products to Be Aware of in October 2017

Lenders are always coming up with new and improved products and systems to help the mortgage process become much simpler and more efficient. Thanks to Rob Chrisman, we have a couple of new lender products that mortgage professionals should be aware of for October 2017.

"This week, Informative Research launched Txt2Qual – a new automated, mobile-based tool that helps lenders prequalify applicants within a minute," according to Chrisman's daily roundup.

"Txt2Qual instantly shows lenders an applicant’s prequalification status and, since it posts a soft inquiry, lenders get a full credit profile and FICO scores without impacting the credit score or triggering competition – a feature not found anywhere else on the market."

Informative Research, together with Experian, will demo this new tool at booth 427 at MBA 2017, according to the report. Here, mortgage brokers can see how well the tool helps them find qualified borrowers.

For more on the latest lender products click on the image above. To learn more about Informative Research and their Txt2Qual product click here.

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