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Housewarming Gift for LOs and Escrow Agents to Consider

The American Homeowner Alliance is an organization dedicated to the protecting and promoting homeownership across all of America. This group is dedicated and offers the homeowners a place to be more active in ensuring Americans nationwide have the opportunity at sustainable homeownership.

"It is set up for existing and all future homeowners, built to protect and promote sustainable homeownership for all segments of America," explains Rob Chrisman in his daily analysis.

"LOs or escrow agents can give a free first-year membership in AHA as a housewarming gift to any applicants or to anyone closing a loan. You’ll be a hero for your customers and will be doing something great to build the advocacy voice of the homeowner of America."

Chrisman shares the promo code, "rcc2017" and urges officers and escrow agents to gift this to clients for the greater good giving homeowners a voice. This idea is thinking outside of the box and has a much greater impact as it shows you care about what your clients have to say.

For more on the AHA, visit their homepage by clicking on the image above.

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