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Fannie Mae Updates For October 2017

Fannie Mae has recently released a list of updates as well as the most recent news for October 2017. The news includes a new layout for the Collateral Underwriter web application in December as well as a new messaging feature implemented in the Desktop Underwriter application.

"During the weekend of Dec. 9, we will implement Collateral Underwriter® (CU™) 4.2, which will add advanced functionality currently available only in classic CU to the new layout of the CU web application," according to Fannie Mae.

"This includes a new Advanced Search page, Market Trend page, and the ability to edit the subject and appraiser-provided comparable sales property characteristics. CU 4.2 will also provide mortgage insurers (MIs) with access to CU. Lenders will be able to give their MI risk partners access to appraisal-specific data by providing them the Doc File ID generated at the time of appraisal submission."

Meanwhile, the company is looking to improve the messaging feature for the Desktop Underwriter tool. It will also feature updates to the system that will help improve upon the way financed properties are determined.

For release notes, as well as more updates and upcoming events from the mortgage world, check out the latest Fannie Mae release by clicking on the image above.

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