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Fannie Mae Resources For eClosings and eMortgages

The online world and the mortgage world are becoming increasingly integrated by the day. So, Fannie Mae has a brand new page to help mortgage professionals who are looking into using eMortgages and eClosings, as they believe it is the "future of mortgages."

The Fannie Mae eMortgages and eClosings pages was developed to help educate mortgage professionals on how they work and why lenders and services would need these tools.

"This page provides valuable resources for both lenders and servicers when working with electronic mortgages and closing documents," according to Fannie Mae.

"Find helpful tools, calculators, updates and guidelines for your Fannie Mae eMortgage and eClosing needs."

There is a solution for almost any question or problem that may arise during closings and the page also provides an eMortgage Fact Sheet and a FAQs as quick links for those who hate bouncing around multiple links to find the answers they are looking for.

To explore the Fannie Mae eMortgage and eClosing page click on the image above.

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