Freddie Mac Loan Product Advisor Undergoing Maintenance

As of 11:45AM on October 10, 2017, Freddie Mac's Loan Product Advisor tool is undergoing maintenance. The company reported that there were performance issues with their system but they were working hard to resolve the issues.

UPDATE: As of 2:00PM, the Freddie Mac Loan Product Advisor is available. The company urges anyone still having issues to contact customer support.

The company also included a page for users to visit which provided them with updates on when the issues would be resolved.

"We are working to resolve this issue and apologize for the inconvenience," read the only message on the page at the time of this post.

"This page will be updated regularly until Loan Product Advisor is functioning normally."

Unfortunately there hasn't been much of an update since the initial notification at 11:45AM.

"Loan Product Advisor – the cornerstone of Freddie Mac Loan Advisor Suite – gives you access to Freddie Mac credit requirements and view of credit risk so you can easily assess your loan’s overall underwriting risk," according to Freddie Mac.

We will update this post once we have new information on the status of the Freddie Mac Loan Product Advisor.

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