National Mortgage News and CoreLogic to Host Webinar on Accurate Loan Estimation

National Mortgage News and CoreLogic are teaming up to bring mortgage professionals a webinar designed to help loan estimators develop best practices for generating more accurate loan estimates.

"Quality property tax estimation is critical to completing the required Loan Estimate (LE) provided to the borrower. LEs need to be validated during the underwriting stage to qualify the borrower’s ability to repay, and ultimately property taxes need to be included in the settlement documents," according to the National Mortgage News invite.

"Because borrowers and regulators expect accurate data, it is vital for lenders to use consistent practices to calculate projected tax amounts."

Gathering the data can sometimes be a tricky task for lenders and some sources may be a bit disparate.

"Of course, asking a borrower for tax information is like asking a homeowner to estimate his own credit score," according to the description.

"Only a consistent procurement process can ensure access to the best information available."

The goal of the webinar is to highlight what borrowers expect, challenges that may arise in calculations, generate best practices for the estimation process, as well as providing various troubleshooting options.

Speaking in this webinar will be Kirk Randlett, Vice President of Tax Service Operations for CoreLogic, Jim Guthrie Account Executive for CoreLogic and Dominique Lalisse, Principal or Performance Excellence for CoreLogic.

The webinar will take place on October 3 at 2 PM EST. Those who would like to register for the webinar can click here to do so.

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