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REMN Wholesale Offers 203(h) Mortgages for Brokers and Bankers Following Storms

Companies across the mortgage industry have been trying to find ways to help their clients help those who have suffered from the recent slew of hurricanes that impacted coastal areas. REMN Wholesale is stepping up by opening up 203(h) mortgages for borrowers.

"As many have heard, the 203(h) program goes into effect once the President declares a location as being a disaster area," according to Rob Chrisman's daily round-up.

"While many lenders shy away from renovation loans, REMN has Stephen Rizzetta (Renovation Account Manager) and Damon Richardson (Renovation Lending Specialist), specifically in place to ensure customers have the critical support they need in these dire times."

The company also has a couple of job opportunities opening up, which Chrisman also mentions in his report. REMN Wholesale like many companies in the mortgage industry are taking not of what needs to be done during times of disaster and have made strides to help.

For more on REMN Wholesale and opportunities that are available, click on the image above.

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