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Originator Connect Recap: David Luna and Eric Becerra On Helping The Underserved

As we continue to highlight some of the awesome conversations that were capture via Facebook Livestream at Originator Connect 2017, we take a look at David Luna's chat with Eric Becerra, Division Vice President at Alterra Home Loans for the Fresno, California area.

Becerra and Luna discussed his division's niche market of helping the underserved. Becerra says they are reaching out to first time homebuyers, the underserved and minorities.

Meanwhile, Becerra also raved about the speakers and content that was featured at the event. He insisted that he felt as though he was surrounded by true professionals who wanted to be better at their craft.

Check out the video below to hear the full conversation between David Luna and Eric Becerra.

David Luna Chats With Eric Becerra of Alterra Home Loans

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