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The Originator Connect 2017 Quick Recap

The First Originator Connect conference featured a wide variety of Key Note speakers, concurrent sessions, NMLS course renewals and much more. It was a weekend for mortgage professionals to retain as much pertinent information as possible to better their careers in the mortgage industry.

Originator Connect's Opening night kicked off with a brave speech from Monica Lewinsky. While many may have questioned what insight she could have for a mortgage professional, her story about Internet bullying and the hit that her reputation took provided strength and motivation for many in the room.

She made it clear that when using social media, professionals need to realize that everyone is able to see what they share on Facebook, Tweet or post on Instagram. Lewinsky's story of overcoming adversity and having the strength to speak up also sat well with listeners who learned that they can make it through any challenge that is presented to them, even when it seems like they can't.

Greg Frost Sr. opened up day two with a Key Note centered on building your sales to a billion dollars. Frost really hammered home the importance of creating and sticking to a schedule that allows for plenty of meeting time with clients. We would also note that Frost recommends breakfast and lunch as the two most effective meals to hold a meeting during.

Greg Frost Delivering His Keynote to A Packed Room

The event continued with an information Key Note from Rene Rodriguez, CEO of Volentum and Chief Learning Officer of Alterra Home Loans. Rodriguez shared some of his secrets to personal success. Influence was among the top talking point for Rodriguez who kept the crowd engaged.

Perseverance was a major theme to the inaugural conference with a special Key Note from Don Mann, a former Seal Team Six Commando. Mann revisited trials and tribulations he endured during training to become a Navy Seal, his tenure as a Navy Seal and personal tribulations such as climbing Mount Everest.

This diverse group of speakers featured a bit of information that mortgage professionals can use to become a better LO, broker and all around professional. Stay tuned for more brief recaps and videos this week as The Mortgage Story reflects on Originator Connect 2017.

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