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Why The Home Equity Conversion Mortgages Process Is Important

It is easy to look to the future when it comes to any product. Though, there is a new argument that asks Reverse Mortgage Professionals to look at the immediate process as opposed to the good or bad outcome at the end of it.

“Far too often, people spend all their time thinking about products and outcomes. I believe this is a sure road to failure," says financial planner Stephen Kelley according to Reverse Mortgage Daily.

'Kelley, of Safety First Financial Planners in Nashua, N.H., writes that too often, clients lose sight of the larger retirement-planning picture when focusing on a particular product’s public reputation — particularly with reverse mortgages and annuities, both known as products that financial planners frequently recommend but which have suffered negative reputations."

Kelley believes that the application of reverse mortgages is heavily dependent on the situation of the individual who is seeking it. In his example he reveals a perfect example where a reverse mortgage isn't the bad move everyone makes it out to be.

You can read the full breakdown from Kelley by clicking on the image above.

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