Fannie Mae's Web-based Application Is On The Way

Fannie Mae is making another game-changing move as it introduces a web-based application for "consolidated loan-level invoices, resolving claims" and more.

"Fannie Mae is introducing its new web-based application, Fannie Mae Invoicing, on Sept. 25 to eventually replace the Servicer REAM Deficiency Billing System (SRDBS), which will be phased out over time," according to expert Rob Chrisman.

"This new system replaces manual processing and gives servicers a significantly improved experience."

It is one of the latest additions next to the updated Fannie Mae selling guide as well as other tweaks in its platform. Like Freddie Mac, Fannie Mae is trying to evolve despite the attempts to split the companies.

Only time will tell if these reworks and overhauls can save the companies from being phased out themselves. For more of the latest additions to Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, click on the image above.

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